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Pilgrim Walk in the Woods

Pilgrim Walk in the Woods


Pilgrim Walk Book - CoverMothers and sons rarely find a project about which they can both be passionate, yet Susanne Hassell and her son Paul have done that very thing, collaborating on Pilgrim Walk in the Woods, a “field guide” for those seeking to explore the spiritual side of nature.

Pilgrim Walk has been in the making for over a decade. A nature-lover, Susanne has always enjoyed hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains, but only after formalizing Holy Paths, Inc. as a non-profit in 2006 did she begin doing something simple, yet profound: she invited people on “pilgrim walks” where they spent more time observing than talking.

Some of the walks were short. Some of them were long. But all of them shared a common purpose: to notice nature’s gifts—a fallen leaf or a periwinkle butterfly—and find spiritual reminders in them. These quiet exercises seemed to strike a powerful chord with Susanne’s friends and supporters, and they started asking her to write a book, or “field guide,” that they could use to re-create the experience on their own.

While working on her Doctorate of Ministry at San Francisco Theological Seminary, Susanne realized she was really on to something. A professor invited her to lead her colleagues on a pilgrim walk, and the response was overwhelming. Over the following weeks and months, the emails kept coming in: “Is Pilgrim Walk finished?” “When can I buy a copy?” “I want that book!” Susanne followed these “nudges”, then asked her youngest son Paul, a professional outdoor photographer, to enhance the book with his photographs.

The result is a beautiful, practical book for growing closer to God through His creation.

Susanne says, “It is intended to be a thoughtful guide that people can carry in a pocket or backpack, and take into the woods or even their backyards.”


Pilgrim Walk in the Woods


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