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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction


“Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.”  Psalm 123:8

Spiritual direction encourages us to explore a closer relationship with God.  In the midst of a busy life, many find it hard to be aware of God’s presence.   As we seek to discern and make difficult choices, share struggles or losses, and learn to integrate godliness into our daily lives, we begin to identify and trust our own experiences of God and find encouragement and affirmation on the journey.

“Spiritual direction is helping a person to discern the movements of the Holy Spirit in one’s life,assisting in the difficult task of obedience to these movements, and offering support in the crucial life decisions that our faithfulness requires.”
~ Henri Nouwen



Individual spiritual direction is available by appointment, typically once a month for an hour.  $75 an hour



Group spiritual direction triads (three per group) is ongoing and new groups start in January and September.

Click Here to Register for a group.

Why would I want to do this?    Spiritual direction helps serious disciples of Christ to live into their best intentions. Suppose that you desire a deeper, more consistent daily time with the Lord, but you can’t seem to make it happen. Or you know that a relationship is no longer healthy, but you lack the ability to let go. Sometimes expressing such a need is all it takes to propel us forward, to hold us accountable. Or perhaps you are trying to make a difficult decision and would benefit from the prayerful responsive listening of others during your discernment. Groups such as these can be a “safe place on a dangerous journey.”

What happens in a group?    Most groups will meet once a month for two hours. During the first half hour, I will introduce a particular spiritual discipline – lectio divina, journaling, examen, centering prayer, breath prayers, etc. We will practice it in an attitude of quiet prayer and meditation. Then you will take turns speaking about whatever you want to share with the group while the group listens – to you, and to the Holy Spirit (the “real” spiritual director.) After the gift of uninterrupted listening, members of the group gently offer questions, images, or thoughts designed to help the speaker go deeper into their experience, ending in prayer. During the process, I will suggest ways to listen well and to respond in helpful ways. Participants often are pleasantly surprised at how the listening skills they practice transfer into all their other relationships!

May I create my own group?    YES! If you already have a small group, you might consider doing spiritual direction on alternate weeks from your usual study. If there are others that you desire to be with, say so!

Is once a month enough?    These small groups are designed to supplement other Bible studies and prayer groups you are already involved in. However, if you desire a group that meets more frequently, let us know.

So what do I do now?    Send us an email letting us know you are interested. At the first meeting, your group will set your own calendar for the rest of the year. There is no commitment other than to attend faithfully and to pray for each other. The cost for 10 sessions is $500 if paid in full upfront or  $55/monthly. Payment is expected whether you attend or not, similar to taking a college class.

Triad Sessions Payment in full $500

The mission of Holy Paths is to serve anyone who needs it, so please ask if you need financial assistance as scholarships may be available.

For more information on spiritual direction go to  Spiritual Directors International.



Haden Institute, Charlotte, NC
Shalem Institute, Washington, DC